Gears of War - Part 2

Note moyenne : Publié par Slay3r le 19 septembre 2011
Second quiz on Gears of War


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Question 1

What is this weapon?

A lanzor
A longshot
A gnasher
Question 2
What does it do ?

It calls a laser that will slash the enemy
It freezes the enemies and makes them easy to break
It features a chainsaw for close combat
Question 3
What is a Troika?

A rocket launcher
A machine gun
A sniper rifle
Question 4

What weapon is used in this picture?

Hammer of dawn
Sniper Rifle
Question 5

And here ?

A torque bow
The Hammer of dawn
The Hammerburst
The Gnasher
Question 6
What does it do?

It calls a devastating beem from a satellite on a specific target
It calls a divinity sunray that will heal any creatures it touches
It generates a radioactive stream coming from the ground up to the sky
Question 7
Which weapon lets you aim with a laser and fire explosive ammunition ?

Sniper Rifle
Crossbow Voltage
Question 8
What is a sonic resonator?

It is a device capable of drawing maps of underground tunnels
It is a device to send lethal ultrasounds to enemies
It is a device for sending crypted messages to teammates
Now the monsters !

Question 9

What kind of monster do you recognize on this photo?

A locust
A mollusc
A Diplodocus
Question 10
What is the day of emergence or "E-Day" (Emergence Day)?

The day a new energy was developed with Imulsion
The day the Locust Horde emerged from the ground to dominate the world
The day the COG was formed
Question 11

Who is this monster?

Myrrah, Locust Queen
General RAAM, Locust General
A theron guard
Question 12

What is this monster?

A berserker
A Theron guard
A brumak
A boomer
Question 13

What is this monster?

A berserker
A Theron guard
A brumak
Question 14
What so special about the latter monster?

He is blind but uses smell and noises to locate enemies
He is immortal
When you shoot him, bullets are thrown back at you
Question 15

What is he ?

A berserker
A Theron guard
A boomer
Question 16

What is this little monster ?

A lady gaga fan
A drone
A wretch
Question 17
They can become:

Question 18
What is Kryll?

A kind of bat killer
A kind of spying pigeons
A kind of invisible vultures
Question 19

What is this monster?

A Corpser
A Reavers
A Brumak
Question 20

What is this monster?

A Corpser
A Berserker
A Reavers
To end this so very easy quiz...

Question 21
What's New in Gears of War 2?

Team members can split during a mission and challenge each other
Chainsaw duels
Camouflage using plants and mud to sneak in enemy territory
Ability to use enemies as a shield
Several new species of locusts
Several people chainsawing a guy at the same time
Ability to simulate death
Question 22

In Gears 3, you'll be able to play girl characters

Question 23

When is Gears 3 due ?

Come on, it's coming out in a couple day and I ordered the collector edition 4 months ago
Late 2012
Gears 2 wasn't the last ?

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