Civilization of Great Britain

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English L1 - Civi GB

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Question 1

What is essential for a democracy?

Universal beverage, secret wallet, freedom of streaming, freedom of divorcing
Universal suffering, secret faggot, freedom of tease, freedom of misconsception
Universal suffrage, secret ballot, freedom of speech, freedom of informations
Question 2

What happened in 1066 ?

The first Mc Donald was created in England by William Shakespeare
England was invaded by The Normans led by William the Conqueror
Nordmann pines were sold by William the Conquistador
Question 3

When did the War of Roses (1455) end?

1485 : Tudors ascended the throne (Henry Tudor defeated Richard III and married Edward IV's daughter Elizabeth of York)
1707 The Act of Union
1558 Death of Bloody Mary
Question 4

1534 The Act of Supremacy, What is that?

Is this what gives Hascoet full power over her students?
The monarch controls the fourth power
Deals with the Separation from the Pope + King of England = Head of the Church
Question 5

Who were the most important wives of Henry the VIII?

Catherine of Aragon (Spanish princess, nice of the emperor of Germany. Bored him Mary.), Anne Boleyn (mistress + bored him Elizabeth. Executed), Jane Seymour (bored him his only son Edward VI)
Lady Chiltern, Mrs Cheveley (helped her to build a canal in Argentina)
The Princess of Cleves, Mary Stuart, Elizabeth I
Question 6

Why the Monarchy was interrupted between 1649 - 1660?

Charles the First had a new hair cut
Charles the First was a woman
Charles the First was beheaded
Question 7

What was the Restoration (1660)?

Natinal festival when the price are low in restaurants
Charles II became the new king (Stuart return to the throne)
Building and monuments were fixed after the Thirty Years' War
Question 8

What was the Glorious Revolution?

1688: Overthrow of James II. 1st monarch choosen by Parliamant
1688: The Devolution of power
XVIIIth century: The Earl Sandwich invented Sandwiches.
Question 9
Who was the last Suart monarch? And which House ascended the throne?

Queen Anne. Succeeded by The House of Hanover (George I)
Charles the First (beheaded) succeeded by the House of Windsor
James II
Question 10
Who was the last Hanover monarch?

George I (1714 - 1720)
Queen Victoria (1838 - 1901)
George V (1936 -1936)
Richard Coeur de Lion
Question 11
Which is the current House ?

House of Coburg and Gotha
House of Tudor
House of Burgesses
House of Stuart
House of Commons
House of Hanover
House of Windsor
Question 12

What are the nicknames of Elizabeth II?

The Fountain of Honour, The Source of Justice
The Fountain of Youth, The Source of Horror
The Fountain of Justice, The Source of Honour
The Fountain of Gold, The Source of money
Question 13
What are the Royal Prerogatives?

Levying taxes, arbitrary executions, imposed treaties
Declares War, Proclaimes Peace, Signs Treaties (royal assent)
Being the Head of the Church and of the Commonwealth
Question 14
What was the Annus Horribilis? (1992)

2Pacalypse Now by 2Pac
Death of Michel Berger
A series of scandals related to the Queen's family
Question 15
What was the Jacobite Rebellion?

Jacob bite an onion?
Jacobus = James II who tried to recaptured Scotland
Jacobus = King James II ivented the bus station before the invention of the bus itself
Question 16
The English Constitution is based on Conventions and 4 documents. What are those documents?

1832 The First Reform Act
1628 The Petition of Rights
1689 The Bill of Rights
1997-1998 Devolution of Power
1215 Magna Carta
1679 The Habeas Corpus
Question 17
What is the Act of Settlement (1701)?

The Monarch must be a member of the Church of England.
Protestants could create a settlement in Ireland
England settled America
Question 18
What is the Reform Act?

Does it give the right to vote to men?
It is an act passed to give the right to vote to a part of the population
Does it give the right to vote to women?
Question 19

The Representative of People Act, gives the right to vote to...

... women

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