The Romantic Poetry Movement

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What do you know about the English Romantic movement ?


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Question 1
Who was a poet, engraver and a printer, and so had far more autonomy for his poetic production than other poets of his time?

William Collins
William Blake
William Wordsworth
Question 2
Who renewed a more Romantic version of the Ode ?

Percy Shelley
Lord Byron
William Collins
Question 3
Who were also known as "The Lake poets" ?

The Pre-Romantics (late 1700s)
The First-Generation Romantics (from 1798)
The Second-Generation Romantics (from 1815 or so)
Question 4
In which of these poems is Samuel Taylor Coleridge interrupted by a "person from Porlock" while he was writting it?

The pains of sleep (1816)
Kubla Khan (1816)
The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner (1798)
Question 5
Who wrote the Defence of Poetry (1821;1840) ?

Lord Byron
Percy Shelley
John Keats
Question 6
Which of these poems from John Keats is the most anthologized and read by students ?

“Ode to Psyche”
“Ode to a Nightingale”
“Ode on a Grecian Urn”
“Ode on Melancholy”
“Ode to Autumn”
Question 7
Which 18th-century poet influenced later poets by focusing on pastoral scenes but died unknown in an insane asylum?

William Collins
William Woodworth
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Question 8
Which poet created his own cosmology based on a dialectic of innocence and experience rather than an opposition of Good and Evil?

John Keats
Percy Shelley
William Blake
Question 9
Who co-wrote Lyrical Ballads and often focused on recreating powerful or peaceful scenes in Nature?

William Blake
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
William Woodworth
Question 10
Which poet co-wrote Lyrical Ballads and focused on supernatural, mysterious, mystical and exotic themes?

William Blake
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
William Woodworth
Question 11
Which generation of Romantic Poets were the most rebellious and all died very young?

The Pre-Romantics
The First-Generation Romantics
Second-Generation Romantics
Question 12
Which of the following poets wrote "Childe Harold's Pilgrimmage" and a play in verse, Manfred, focusing on fighting God's and society's laws?

Lord Byron
William Collins
John Keats
Question 13
Which of the following poets was an atheist and an idealist who wrote a famous essay defedning the morality and importance of poetry?

William Blake
William Woodworth
Percy Shelley
Question 14
Which of the following poets wrote several famous Odes and felt beauty was the only source of true happiness and brotherhood?

Samuel T. Coleridge
John Keats
William Blake

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