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Do you really know Johnny Cash?


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Question 1

What is the real name of Johnny Cash?

John.R Cash
John Cash
John Rogers Cash
J.R Cash
Question 2

What was he doing when his brother Jack died?

He was eating.
He was listening to the radio.
He was fishing
He was sleeping
Question 3

Where was he when he wrote his first hit?

He wrote his first hit in a bar thanks to a girl who inspired him.
He has an illumination as he takes a shower.
While watching TV at home, Elvis Presley's music inspires him.
He was in the army. A documentary about Folsom prison was shown, inspiring Cash for his song.
Question 4

What is the name of this song, will he release it immediately?

Folsom prison. is the name of his song that he will release immediately.
Folsom prison. is the name of his song that he won't publish until a few years later.
Folsom prison blues. is the name of his song that he will never publish.
Folsom prison blues. is the name of his song that he won't publish until a few years.
Question 5

According to the film "Walk the line" how is the hearing?

It was a disaster at first, but thanks to the talent of Cash, and one of his songs, the producer will be seduced.
It was disaster, the producer is not convinced. But another producer present in the room makes them sign a contract.
It was real success and the producer immediately has them signed.
Johnny Cash never auditioned.
Question 6

What is the sentence he said at the start of each concert?

"Hi, me it's Johnny Cash"
"Hello I'm Johnny Cash"
"Hi, I'm glad to see you folks"
"My name is Cash"
Question 7

Why was he saying this sentence?

Because his mom forces him to greet his fans.
Because he looked like Presley, he presented himself so as not to create confusion.
Because he was on tour with Elvis Presley and Jerry Lewis two superstar already. He felt compelled to present himself finding himself very small in front of these giants.
We don't know why
Question 8

What is his nickname? Why call like that?

The man in black because he is always dressed in this color.
The man in a thousand shirts. because he always had a different shirt.
The man in black because he always had the blues.
The man of my life. Cash having great success with girls.
Question 9

Has Johnny Cash ever stayed in prison?

Cash spent ten years in Folsom prison for robbery, his family needed money.
Cash should have gone to jail for drug dealing. But was never caught.
Yes, but never more than three nights.
Johnny Cash never went to jail, it was just part of his myth.
Question 10

What an incredible and unprecedented performance did he achieve in 1968 and 1969.

He does a concert tour in prison and arrives number one in sales in front of The Beatles.
He suddenly decides to stop all his tours.
He sells all his houses and his cars.
He records an acoustic album only he and his guitar
Question 11

What drug was he addicted to?

He was addicted to cocaine and crack.
He was addicted to amphetamines, alcohol, and barbiturates.
He was addicted to cars, at homes gambling and was a crazy spendthrift.
He never touched any drugs.
Question 12

Did Cash have a good or bad reputation in the eyes of the general public?

Cash was renowned for his excellent music but also for his unbearable behavior.
Cash was known for his bad temper and his distance from the fans.
He wanted to appear as friendly as possible and was highly appreciated by fans and the public.
Cash had neither a good nor a bad reputation, he showed himself very little.
Question 13

What was his job before becoming a Country Icon?

Johnny Cash was employed in a bank where he earned an honorable living.
Johnny cash was unemployed, he knew he was going to get rich and famous.
Johnny Cash was just a poor salesman who could barely pay his rent
He kept the same job as when he was little and worked in the fields.
Question 14

Before which song did his wife June announce the birth of their son at the Johnny Cash Show?

Before "Cry Cry Cry"
Berore "Ballade of a Teenage Queen"
Before the song "Ring of Fire"
Before the song "Jackson"
Question 15

Where did he give his last live performance?

Rock Hotel Las Vegas
At Madison square garden in New York
In his family home in Arkansas
In Hiltons, Virginia.


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