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Question 1

How would you describe energy, what does it mean to you ?

Energy is a bit a mystery, we can't see it, yet it is everywhere around us
It's the capacity of a physical system to perform work
Energy disrupts the funtioning of natural phenomena
Question 2

What are the different forms of existing energy (examples) ?

Thermal, potential, sleep
Themical, light, thought
Sit, set the table, kinetic energy
Question 3

Where does the energy come from?

From the sun
From a power plant
Of my being
Question 4

By what law can we convert energy from one form to another?

Law of the strongest
Law of conservation of energy
Special Law of Relativity
Question 5

What are the main categories of energy use in our daily life?

Food, energy we use in our homes and fuel we put in our vehicles
Work, sleep, walk
Build a fire, hunt buffalo, ride a bike
Question 6

Electricity is considered to be one of the best kinds of energy known, but where does it come from?

From the water
From the oxygen
From fuels
Question 7

Which world regions use most energy?

Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific
Europe, China, North America
Central America, North America, China


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