The Love Army helps Rohingyas.

Note moyenne : Publié par Arrityli le 4 janvier 2018
Do you know the Love Army and its action towards the Rohingyas?

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Question 1

What is the love army ?

A pacifist organisation.
An association of nature lovers.
A group of young people mobilized against the Rohingyas cause.
Question 2

Who created the principle of the Love Army?

Mister V and Norman.
Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet.
Jérome Jarre and Omar Sy.
Question 3

When did this operation start ?

The 16th of July 2017.
The 4th of August 2017.
The 28th of November 2017.
Question 4

Who else takes part of this operation ?

French Youtubers.
American Celebrities.
French Singers.
Question 5

Where do the Rohingyas come from?

Question 6

Which religion does the majority of them practice?

Question 7

Why did they leave their country?

Because in their country there is an ethnic cleansing.
Because of poverty and famine in their country.
Because there is a war in their country.
Question 8

How many Rohingyas have escaped birman persecutions

Around 140 00
Around 470 000
Around 620 000
Question 9

How do the Myanmar's army treat them ?

They help them escape.
They use violent repretion against them.
They're asking them to leave peacefully.
Question 10

In which conditions do they live now ?

Some people have hosted them and they're helping them in India.
In refugee camps in poor sanitary conditions in Bengladesh.
In local authority housing in moderate living conditions in Laos.
Question 11

What's the goal of the Love Army ?

To collect money.
To create a buzz.
To sensitise people.
Question 12

Wich way did they use to sensibilise people ?

By writing articles in the newspapers.
By using social network
By advertising pannels.
Question 13

How much money did they collect in 48h ?

More than 1,5 millions $.
Around 500 000 $.
Less than 100 000$.
Question 14

What will this money be used for ?

Medical care
Food, clean drinking water
Plane tickets
Question 15

Would you be ready to act for a cause like this too ?

Yes, obviously.
Yes, maybe.
I don't know.

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