Native American History (2)

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Early contacts part 1


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Question 1
What was one of the first action taken by the settlers ?

They tried to subdue the Indians
They tried to reproduce the society they had left behind
The tried to create long-lasting relationship with them

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Question 2
What did the Europeans brought to this new land ?

New technologies
Idea of private property
Question 3
What was it called ? How did it work ? Were the other continents involved ?

The Columbia exchange
The Atlantic exchange
The triade = Europe to America to Asia
It went from Europe to America
It went from America to Europe
It was two ways = Europe to America then America to Europe
India was involved with the spices
Africa became latter involved throught the slave trade
Asia was also involved
Brittain colonies in Australia was also involved
Question 4
What problems did they caused ?

The new species they introduced trempled indians corn field
They distroyed some abodes
The new species they introduced displaced the animals Indians used to hunt
The settlers destroyed forest to create farmlands
They brought new disease
Question 5
How much were they affected by these new diseases ? Which examples are true ?

Some tribes became extincted
No tribes completly died out but some lost 90 % of their people
Peru went from 9 millions to 10 000
Hisponiola went from 6 million to zero
Peru went from 9 millions to half a million
Indians population in the whole American continent decreased by 92 %
Indians population in the whole American continent decreased by 89 %
Question 6
Which tribes did Columbus first encountered ?

Question 7
How were they alternately viewed by Europeans ? What was believed about them ?

As children of nature
Strong and self-reliant
Bloodthirsty savage
Had no religion
Question 8
Why were they seen as less civilized than Europeans ?

They had more than on wife
They did not wear clothes or at least not a lot
Their language was oral and the Europeans couldn't understand it
Did not use the lands efficiently
They were always fighting
They had little to no useful tools
Question 9
How did Indians reacted to the Europeans arrival ?

They were generally threatening
They were generally amicable and respectful
They were not impressed by their attitude
They often killed them on sight
They fed them and taught them how to live in their lands
The kidnapped a lot of them
Question 10
What did they expected from the Europeans ? How was it seen by them ?

For them to adapted to their way of living
A lot did just that
It was seen as foolish
Question 11
How did Indians reacted when Europeans brushed aside their hospitality ?

They simply stopped helping them
They continued to help them because they did not want war
They became hostile and violent
Question 12
What was Columbus goal ?

To trade with them
To create new colonies
To make servants of them
To turn them into slaves
Question 13
Why did the Spaniards began to use Black as slaves ?

Most of their Indians' slave had already died
The Indians rebelled and were victim of smallpox
Black people were believed to be more resillient
Question 14
Why did Spaniards decide to leave the island and move to the mainland ?

They had killed all the Indians there
They had subdued all the Indians there
There wasn't enough riches to seize on the islands
Question 15
What can be said about the Aztecs ?

Herman Cortes encountered them in 1519
Columbus encountered them in 1496
They were from Florida
They lived in Mexico
They were a matriarch society
They had an emperor and were divided by castes
They practised human sacrifices
Their capital was Tenochtitlan
Thair capital was Hassanamesit
It was one of the biggest cities in the world
Question 16
What was the relationship between the Aztecs and Spaniards ?

The emperor welcomed them and gave them gifts
The Spaniards understood the concept of reciprocity
There was hostility from the begining
The Spaniards brought smallpox
The Spaniards were greedy and plundered their empire
Question 17
What happened to the Incas of Peru ?

Herman Cortes encountered them in 1532
Francisco Pizarro encountered them in 1532
Las Cassas saw how they were treated in 1535
Hernando de Soto encountered them in 1538
They were destroyed for the same reasons as the Aztecs
Question 18
What were the Spaniards' actions in North America ?

They established a large settlement names Saint Augusta
They established a small settlement named Saint-Augustine
They tried to force Indians to work for them
They killed all the Indians around their settlement
Question 19
What happened in 1539 ? What did it led to ?

Hernando de Soto stormed into Indian towns
Herman Cortes stormed into Indian towns
Demanded food
Demanded a guide
Demanded all their gold
Demande women who were then sexually abused
The indians revolted
The indians abandoned their towns and dispersed
The indians created other towns
The indians joined other tribes
Question 20
Which one of these statements are true about the Controversy of Valladolid ?

It happened in Spain in 1550
It happened in Britain in 1550
Las Casa was for indians slavery
Sepulveda was for indians slavery
Las Casas published pamphlet to improve the Indians' conditions
The debate was about finfing other slaves
The debate was about weither Indians had soul or not
Las Casas thought that they were no better than animals
They decided that since black people had no soul, they would replace the Indians as slaves
Question 21
What was decided after the Controverse of Valladolid ? What did the Spaniards do ?

They needed to save the Indians through conversion to Christianism
They needed to compensate them
They needed to give them back their land
They send missionaries to converted them to Christionism
Question 22
How did the Indians reacted ? Why ? What happened afterward ?

They all refused and killed the missionaries
They refused but let the missionaries live with them
Some accepted conversion
They were under pressure
Thought that the missionaries were protect from diseases by their God
They had lost faith in their Gods
They abandoned Christianism when they saw it did not protect them from diseases
They often killed the missionaries when they saw that Christianism did not protect them from diseases
Question 23
What happened to the Pueblos under the Spaniards' rule ?

The Spaniards create a new system = encomienda
The Spaniads create a new system = repartimiento
The Spaniards create a new system = compartimento
They obliged Indians to work for them
They traded with them
They forbade their religion ceremonies
They abused the women
They abused the children
Question 24
Why did the Pueblos finally revolted against the Spaniards ?

They were fed up with the abuse of their women
They thought that the drought, war & diseases were because they weren't allowed to worship their ancestors' spirits
To many of them were killed by the Spaniards
Question 25
Why is the rebellion of 1680 so striking ?

Considered to be one of the most effective in native America
They planned really carefuly
They were betrayed and forced to act earlier than scheduled
The rebellion was really fast
The uprising was really violent
Coordinating all the tribes was difficult
They destroyed all the Spaniards churches and rebuilt their shrine
Question 26
When did the Spaniards finally regained controlled of the area ?

Question 27
What were the Spaniards concessions ?

Decrease of the demand of labor
No more missionaries send to their land
Gived lands to the Pueblos
New tolerance toward their culture and religion
Less violence towards Indians
Question 28
What are concrete examples ?

Indians had to attend mess on Sunday but allowed to practice their own ceremonies on other days
They fought against the same enemies
They began to intermarry


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