Native American History (1)

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Indians before colonization


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Question 1
What does all native American have in common ?

The same foes
They all lived the same way
Story about the way they appeared into the world
Question 2
What didmany tribes predicted

The end of the world
The arrival of white people in their country
Their extermination
Question 3
They thought that ...

Iroquois appeared when their ancestors fell from the sky
Sioux evolved from animals
Kiowa appeared into the world through a log
Algonquians of New England used to be trees that turned into human beings
Honokam were given life by the earth
Pueblo, Navajo, Mandan, emerged from lower worlds
Question 4
What can you say about their names ?

Their names were inspired by their gods
Their names were inspired by animals
The name they give themselves is always “the people”
Their names were inspired by qualities
Their names were given by Europeans
Their names were given by enemy tribes
Question 5
From where did they comes from ?

Australia & New-Zealand
Question 6
What do we call them and how did they survived ?

Paleo Natives / Gatherer Hunter
Paleo Asians / Gatherer - hunters
Paleo Natives / Hunter - Gatherers
Paleo Indians / Gatherer - hunters
Paleo Asians / Hunter - gatherers
Paleo Indians / Hunter - gatherers
Question 7
What does people argues about ?

No civilization in America before Europeans colonization
Few civilisation in America before Europeans colonization
America was empty and free to grabs there was just some wandering savages
There was more than a millions inhabitants before Europeans colonization

Cliquez ici si vous souhaitez lire cet indiceReread the question attentively what does "argues" means to you?
Question 8
What kills the most natives?

Diseases brought by Europeans
War between the tribes
Question 9
Why can you said that they were civilized ?

They had shapped their environment (fire, irrigation system ...)
They established trade networks
They all lived in established cities
Question 10
What did they have in common ?

They all lived principally thanks to hunting
Their society were based on kinship, clan and tradition
All their language was oral
They had a written language
They were pantheist = everything had a soul (human, animals, plants)
Question 11
How did they lived depending of the region and climate ?

Hunter + gathering + agriculture
Desert land = cultivating land
Hunter - gatherer
Fishing and gathering
Question 12
What did these communities exchanged ?

People through marriage
Question 13
How did they communicated ?

A common language
Sign language
Question 14
What were their major conflicts about ?

Trade networks
Hunting grounds
Question 15
Which Indians remainded closer to the Paleo Indians ?

Buffalo hunter from the Plains
Nomadic tribes
The tribes using fishing to live
Question 16
What can be said about the pacifics' tribes ?

They relied mostly on fishing and cultivating
They relied mostly on fishing
They established fishing stations to exchange products with other tribes
California was their most populated region
One of the most famous fishing station wasthe Dallus
One of the most famous fishing station wasthe Dalles
They performed the ceremony of the Patlatch
They performed the ceremony of the Potlatch
Oregon was their most populated region

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