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Question 1
When was the movie released ?

22 February 2012
3 October 2018
16 April 2014
Question 2
Who is / are the director(s) ?

Philippe Lacheau
Philippe Lacheau and Nicolas Benamou
Luc Besson and Philippe Lacheau
Question 3
What is the film’s story ?

Franck ( Philippe Lacheau ) keep the dog of his neighbouring
Franck keep the kid of his boss
Franck has to watch his boss’s house on a weekend
Question 4
What happens the first night ?

It’s Franck birthday and his friends will surprise him
Robbers show up
The child refuses to obey and runs away
Question 5
Who disappears at the party ?

The dog
Franck’s best friend
The son of the boss
Question 6
Where is he found ?

At a fairground
In the bar
In a field
Question 7
What do they do after they find him ?

They go home
They ride together
They go to the restaurant
Question 8
How do the parents know about the evening ?

Thanks to the surveillance cameras
A phone containing videos was found in the house
A friend of Franck’s filmed all evening with his camcorder
Question 9
How does the film end ?

Franck and his friends are arrested for the damage caused in the house
Despite the events, Franck remains in the company
The son decides to live with Franck because his parents didn’t take care of him
Question 10
How many people watched this film in cinema ?

Between 4 and 5 million
+ 2 million
Between 1 and 1,5 million

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