WDIM 006 - English test: "What does it mean?"

Note moyenne : Publié par SuzetteING le 3 mai 2023
English test - level B1-B2

Question 1
What does "akin to (something)" mean?

Attracted by something
Similar to something
Joining an activity
Question 2
What does "came down to" mean?

Had something as the most important or significant part
Became involved or part of something
Try or attempt to do something
Question 3
What does "hemorrhaging" mean?

Becoming older
Something that takes effort over a long time
Losing money, people, etc., very quickly
Question 4
What does "pulling up" mean?

Bring something, such as a car, to a stop
Enjoying something
Joining an activity
Question 5
What does "springing up" mean?

Suddenly appearing
Delaying on purpose
Having a thin edge
Question 6
What does "taking to the skies" mean?

Using color and shading
To travel in the air using an aircraft
Winning a lot of money
Question 7
What does "ally" mean?

A person, group of people, or thing that provides help or support to another
Relating to creatures from another planet
Something you say that you know is not true
Question 8
What does "drawback" mean?

Disadvantage, difficulty or inconvenience
To return
Try or attempt to do something
Question 9
What does "infer" mean?

In a clear and noticeable manner
Basic or primary
To form an opinion or guess that something is true because of the information that you have
Question 10
What does "out and about" mean?

Being or going outside of your house, office, etc.
On the subject of, or connected with
Joining an activity


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