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Question 1
The independant demand is

Unrealated to the demand for other items
Related to raw materials parts
Directly derived from demand for another inventoried item
Question 2
The trend is

A gradual, long-term up or down movement of demand
An up-and-down repetitive movement in demand occuring periodically
An up-and-down repetitive movement in demand
Question 3
The exponential smoothing method

Do not requires a smoothing constant
Is a weighted moving average method
Reacts more to old changes
Question 4
A time series is where

The same value is recorded at regular time intervals
The same value is recorded annualy
The same value is recorded at random time intervals
Question 5
In the linear regression method

The independant variables could be only the external factors that are asumed to affect demand
The independant variables could be only the internal factors that are assumed to affect demand
The independant variables could be external or internal factors that are assumed to affect demand
Question 6
In the weighted moving average method

Weights are assigned to oldest data
Weights are assigned to most recent data
Weights are assigned equally to the most recent and oldest data
Question 7
Increasing security of supply is an advantage for

Multiple sources of supply
Single source of supply
Question 8
The purchase must lead to adequate profits by acting in this direction in the following ways

Procurement of resources at affordable prices. Identificaton of substitute resources
Procurement of resources at negociable prices. Identification of internal raw material resources
Question 9
The supply of material resources comprises

Rational managment of machines in a company
Rational managment of stocks of raw material
Question 10
Usually the outsourced activity is

An auxiliary activity of the company
The main activity of the company
A low cost activity
Question 11
The center of gravity method

Identify coordinates and weights shipped for each location
Identify coordinates and shipped speed for each location
Identify nature and weights of products shipped for each location
Question 12
Payback method to calculate the best location is based on

Initial cost and annual cost savings / increased cash flow
Financial ratio used in capital budgeting
The return, generated from net income of the proposed capital investement
Question 13
Which of this factors are critical in choosing a location for a manufacturing facility

Labor / Freight / Power / Skilled labor supply
Neigher of above
Question 14
The load distance method is a method used to

Evaluate location based on shortest distance between two locations
Evaluate locations based on proximity factors
Question 15
Intermodal transportation refers to

The water transport between the river and sea
THe oil pipelines
Use of two or transportation movement of shipment
Question 16
The containerization allows the transfer of the containers from a shop to a railroad

Question 17
Rail transport is characterized by

Long haul, large volume
Short-haul, large volume
Long haul, small volume
Question 18
Which of the following means of transport seek goods with high value to weight ration

Maritime transport
Air transport


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