Dronten CAH - Chapter 8

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Dronten Cah Exam

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Question 1
2) Which of the following is a unique aspect of qualitative research?

A) large samples
B) quantitative data analysis
C) engagement of respondents in group discussion
D) disengaging respondents so that they may make their own decisions
E) ability to calculate the margin of error
Question 2
3) Which type of research involves the use of structured questions where the response options have been predetermined and a large number of respondents are involved?

A) qualitative research
B) quantitative research
C) pluralistic research
D) focus group research
E) Socratic research
Question 3
6) In understanding the Hispanic market, researchers have found that they prefer to call themselves Latinos, and that there are vast differences between Latinos in California, Texas and Florida, the Caribbean, South America and Mexico. Your book describes

A) quantitative
B) Hispanic research
C) pluralistic
D) qualitative
E) segmented research
Question 4
8) Frito-Lay brand managers want to know which of three proposed end-aisle displays work the best in terms of catching consumers' attention. They set up prototypes of the three displays in three supermarkets and visit each to observe consumers head moveme

A) direct
B) past records
C) archives
D) indirect
E) store observation
Question 5
9) Which of the following observation techniques involves observing historical records, such as records of sales calls or warehouse movements?

A) direct
B) archives
C) past records
D) indirect
E) surrogate
Question 6
11) When a "secret shopper" is used to report salespersons' level of customer assistance and courtesy, which type of observation is being used?

A) undisguised
B) disguised
C) physical traces
D) archives
E) mystery surrogate
Question 7
12) An observation technique where the researcher identifies beforehand which behaviors are to be observed and recorded is known as:

A) structured observation
B) a priori observation
C) unstructured observation
D) physical traces
E) predetermined Socratic observation
Question 8
17) Which of the following refers to a small group of people brought together and guided by a moderator through an unstructured, spontaneous discussion about some topic?

A) observation group
B) focus groups
C) control group
D) experimental group
E) Socratic group
Question 9
40) Quantitative techniques deal with the "soft side" of marketing research. Answer: FALSE

Question 10
41) Quantitative techniques often use structured questions having predetermined response options and is sometimes referred to as "survey research."

Question 11
42) Conducting a nationwide telephone survey of several thousand persons using a representative sampling plan would be an example of quantitative research.

Question 12
43) A combination of qualitative and quantitative research is referred to as pluralistic research.

Question 13
82) A study was conducted on online buyers to determine purchasing differences among buyer segments such as males and females. The research began with a series of focus groups followed by in-depth interviews. Finally, an online survey was conducted of sev

A) qualitative/quantitative
B) quantitative/qualitative
C) Socratic
D) pluralistic
E) online
Question 14
83) The tax revenue department of a small town located in a dry county decides to sift through collected garbage in the town to assess the amount of alcohol consumed. This is an example of:

A) direct observation
B) archives
C) physical traces
D) quantitative research
E) none of the above

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