Cop 22

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Question 1

When was the first conference on climate ?

In 1978
In 1995
In 1997
Question 2
What was the aim of this one ?

To stop cigarette selling
To rise global warming
To reduce greenhouse gases emissions
Question 3

How many countries did take part to this conference ?

53 countries
More than 150 countries
More than 200 countries
Question 4
How often the conferences on climate do occur ?

Every year
Every two years
Question 5
Which protocol on climate was signed in 1997 ?

The protocol of Kyoto
The protocol of La haye
Question 6
What did this protocol to ?

To plan Christmas holidays
To build a long-Term polity on climate with clear goals
To stop singing in the wind
Question 7

What do the COPs deal with since 2009 (COP15) ?

To cut down on greenhouse gases emissions
To fight against nuclear power plants
To maintain global warming under 2°c
Question 8
What was the main COP ?

COP 14
COP 19
COP 21
Question 9

What was the reason ?

It was the first agreement concluded worldwide
Paris is the perfect city for shopping and tourism
Question 10
What is special in this agreement ?

Every country does what it wants to do
It is restrictive
Question 11
When was it implemented ?

On January 4th 2016
On November 4th 2016
Question 12
Where did COP 22 take place ?

In China
In Morocco
Question 13
When did it take place ?

From November 7th to November 18th 2016
From December 2nd to December 17th 2016
Question 14
What was on the agenda ?

How to control the implementation of the Paris agreement
How to developp the dancing
Question 15

Which of the 4 elements was especially studied ?

Question 16
Why ?

Water is a crucial natural resource
Cleanness and scarcity of water drive to the problem of sustainability
Water is necessary to wash dishes
Question 17
Another mentioned point ?

The role of African countries
The role of the car on climate change
Question 18
Why ?

To associated climate action and development
To help africans
Question 19
What key element for the Paris agreement to succeed ?

Question 20

How much does the fund to be raised cost ?

Around $ 100 billion a year
Around $ 200 billion a year
Around $ 300 billion a year

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