George Harrison et ses paroles de chansons des Beatles...

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Voici un quiz pour les connaisseurs des Beatles et de George Harrison, avec comme questions des paroles de chansons de George et le groupe.

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Question 1

De quelle chanson chantée par George proviennent ces paroles : "Please don't be long please don't you be very long" (même question pour toutes les autres )

Please Please Me
Blue Jay Way
Long, Long, Long
Question 2

"It's not the same but I'm to blame, it's plain to see"

Don't Let Me Down
Don't Bother Me
Question 3

"I've loved you from the moment, I saw you"

For You Blue
Love You To
Love Me Do
Question 4

"The smiles returning to the faces"

And Your Bird Can Sing
The End
Here Comes The Sun
Question 5

"Now they're frightened of leaving it"

I'm Down
I Me Mine
I'm Looking Through You
Question 6

"Please come on back to me"

Back In The U.S.S.R
Please Mr. Postman
I Need You
Question 7

"My head is filled with things to say"

I Want To Tell You
I Want You (She's So Heavy)
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Question 8

"You're the one that I'd be thinking of"

I'm Looking Through You
If I Needed Someone
Drive My Car
Question 9

"A love that's shining all around you"

It's All Too Much
All You Need Is Love
I'm Only Sleeping
Question 10

"How could I ever have lost you"

Long Time Ago...
Getting Better
Long Long Long
Question 11

"A lifetime is so short"

In My Life
Love You To
For You Blue
Question 12

"Right is only half of what's wrong"

What You're Doing ?
Old Brown Shoes
Old Brown Sugar
Question 13

"If you drive a car car" ( ces paroles ne sont pas chantées par George , elles sont chantées par Paul et John dans une chanson écrite par George.)

Drive My Car
Drive Me Wild
Question 14

"It doesn't really matter what chords I play"

Only A Northern Song
Only A Southern Song
Only A Western Song
Question 15

"In their starched white shirts"

What You're Doing
Rocky Racoon
Question 16

"Creme tangerine and montelimat"

Savoy Truffle
Good Night
Question 17

"I don't want to leave her now"

Live And Let Die
Question 18

"I look at you all see the love there that's sleeping"

I'm Only Sleeping
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Baby It's You

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Question 19

"To walk out and make me lonely"

You Won't See Me
You Like Me Too Much

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Question 20

"Never glimpse the truth-then it's far too late-when they pass away."

Tommorow Never Knows
Within You Without You
Question 21

"You can know all things on earth"

The Inner Light
Things We Said Today
Hey Jude

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