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Note moyenne : Publié par elattarjacyme le 31 mai 2018
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Question 1
I began to the big apple and I finished my travel ten years later. Who am I ?

Black Lives Matter
Mai 1968
Harlem Renaissance
Donald Tromp
Question 2
At a moment of the year, many athletes come at my home to do the same things. Who am I ?

Donald Tromp
World Athletics Championship
Olympics Games of 1999 ( Jakarta, Indonesia )
I don't know
Question 3

In my life, I have put my hand in many domains like business, entertainment or sports, Today, I'm the president of the second country the most powerful in the world. Who am I ?

Xi Jinpimg
Vladimir Vladimirovitch Valdimirovitchovitch Poutine
Donald Trump
Michel Temer
Question 4
" I have already weared woman clothes .." Iggy Pop

Maybe, in fact ... I have the answer but I do not want to say it !
Question 5
My first is an ocean, My second was an period in many countries like France, America or Portugal into the XVII and XIX century, My third means "commerce" in english, My all started in 1525

Antlantic Slave Trade
Pacific Trade Slave
Pacifist Slave Trade
Question 6
I am colombian and I fight against the FARC

The Facebook Hero
Oskar Moral S
Vladimir Vladimirovitch Valdimirovitchovitch Poutine
Oscar Morales
Juan Martinez ! The one who lives in front of the supermarket in Bogota...

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  • harmonie3926131 mai 2018Je n'aurai pas pensé SECOND country the most powerful. La réponse 4 est subjective. Sinon, agréable de faire un quiz en langue anglaise même si trop court ; See you soon ! :) Mime
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